Verbs beginning with T
tañer to play
tapar to cover
to put the lid on, put the cap on
tardar to delay, take a long time, be long, be slow (in doing something)
temer to fear
tener to have
teñir to dye, tint, tinge, color, stain
terminar to finish, end
tirar to throw, hurl
to shoot, fire
to throw away
to pull (out)
tocar to touch
to play (instrument)
tomar to take, drink
torcer to twist, bend, warp, wring, sprain
toser to cough
trabajar to work
traducir to translate
traer to bring
to get, fetch
to carry
tragar to swallow, drink up, gulp down
to absorb, soak up
to put up with
tratar to treat, handle
triunfar to triumph, win
tropezar to trip, stumble, slip up