Verbs beginning with S
saber to know
sacar to take out, stick out
sacrificar to sacrifice
sacudir to shake, beat, flap
salir to leave, go out
saltar to jump, leap
to jump over, leap over
to omit, skip, leave out
saludar to greet, salute, hail, welcome
salvar to save, rescue
to except, exclude
satirizar to satirise
satisfacer to satisfy
secar to dry, dry up, dry off, wipe dry
secarse to dry, dry off, dry up
seguir to follow, continue
señalar to point out, point to, indicate
to signal
to mark
sentar to seat, sit
sentarse to sit down, seat oneself
sentir to feel, regret
sentirse to feel
ser to be
servir to serve
significar to signify, mean
simbolizar to symbolise, represent, stand for
situar to place, put, situate
sobrevivir to survive, outlive, outlast
soler to be accustomed to, be accustomed to
sonar to sound
to ring
soñar to dream
sonreír to smile
soportar to support, hold up, bear
to put up with, tolerate
sorprender to surprise, take by surprise, startle, amaze
subir to go up, rise, move up, climb
to lift up, raise up
suceder to happen
to succeed, follow
sufrir to suffer
to undergo, experience, put up with
sugerir to suggest
suponer to suppose
surgir to arise, emerge, spring up, come out, appear
suspirar to sigh
sustituir to substitute, replace