Verbs beginning with R
realizar to achieve, attain, accomplish, realize
rechazar to reject
to push back, repel
recibir to receive
to welcome, greet
reciclar to recycle
to retrain (a person)
recoger to pick up
recomendar to recommend
reconocer to recognise
recordar to remember, remind
reducir to reduce
regalar to give (as a gift)
to present
to give away
to treat royally, pamper
regar to water, irrigate, wash, sprinkle, spray
regatear to haggle (over), bargain (over)
regir to rule, govern, be in charge of, be at the head of
registrar to register, record
to search
registrarse to register (oneself)
regresar to return, go back
regular to regulate, adjust, control
rehusar to refuse
reinar to reign, rule
reír to laugh
renacer to be reborn
reñir to quarrel, fight
to scold, tell off, reprimand
renovar to renew
to renovate
renunciar to renounce, surrender, resign
reparar to repair, mend, restore
repasar to review, go over again
to do again
repetir to repeat
replicar to reply, answer back
reportar to bring, carry
to obtain
to report, inform
to denounce, accuse
requerir to require, need
to request, ask
to send for, call for
reservar to reserve
to keep, keep in reserve
resolver to solve, resolve
respetar to respect
respirar to breathe, breathe in, inhale
responder to respond, answer, reply to
resultar to turn out (to be), prove (to be), ensue
revelar to reveal, disclose
to develop (film)
rezar to pray
robar to rob, steal, burgle, break into
rogar to plead, beg, ask for
romper to break