Verbs beginning with P
padecer to suffer
pagar to pay, pay for
parar to stop, halt
parecer to seem, appear
participar to participate, take part in
to share in
to inform, notify
pasar to pass, pass by, go
to pass on, hand
to spend (time)
to happen
patinar to skate
to slide, skid
pedir to request, ask for
pegar to stick, glue, hit
peinar to comb
peinarse to comb one's hairto do one's hair
pelear to fight
to brawl, scuffle
pensar to think
perder to lose
perdonar to forgive, pardon, excuse
permanecer to stay, remain
permitir to permit, allow
perseguir to pursue, chase, hunt down
pertenecer to belong, pertain
pesar to weigh
to weigh down, weigh heavily
pescar to fish
picar to prick, puncture, perforate
to sting, bite
pintar to paint
planchar to iron, press
to do the ironing
plantar to plant
platicar to chat, talk
poder to be able, can
poner to put, place, set
ponerse to put on (clothing)
to put/place (oneself)
to turn/get/become
practicar to practice
predecir to predict, foretell, forecast
preferir to prefer
preguntar to ask, inquire
preguntarse to wonder, ask oneself
preparar to prepare, get
prepararse to get
presentar to introduce
presentir to have a premonition of
preservar to preserve, protect
prever to foresee, anticipate, envisage, visualize
probar to taste, try, test
producir to produce
prohibir to prohibit, forbid
prometer to promise
proponer to propose
proseguir to continue, proceed with
proteger to protect
protestar to protest
provocar to provoke
publicar to publish
purificar to purify