Verbs beginning with M
madurar to mature
to ripen
mandar to order
manejar to drive
mantener to maintain, get
maquillar to put make-up on
maquillarse to put on make-up (on oneself)
marcar to mark, stamp, to show, indicate
to dial (e.g. a phone)
masticar to chew
matar to kill, slay, slaughter
matricular to register
matricularse to register, enroll, matriculate (oneself)
medir to measure, be
mentir to lie
merecer to deserve, merit
merendar to have a(n afternoon) snack, have as a snack
meter to put (in), place, insert
mezclar to mix, mix up, mix together, blend
to combine, merge, shuffle
mirar to watch, look at
modificar to modify, change
molestar to bother, annoy, inconovenience, put out, upset
montar to mount, to get on, to ride
morir to die
mostrar to show
mover to move
moverse to move (oneself)
mudar to change, alter
to move
mudarse to move (change residence)