Verbs beginning with E
echar to throw, cast, fling, hurl, pitch, toss
echarse to throw, fling, hurl (oneself)
educar to educate
to bring up
efectuar to effect, carry out, bring about
ejercer to exercise, wield (power, influence, etc.)
to practice (a profession)
to manage, conduct (a business)
elegir to elect, choose
eliminar to eliminate, remove, get rid of
emborrachar to make drunk, intoxicate
to get (someone) drunk
emborracharse to get drunk, become drunk
emigrar to emigrate
to migrate
empezar to begin, start
emplear to employ, hire
to use
enamorar to inspire love in, win the love of
enamorarse to fall in love
encantar to delight, be delighting, charm, enchant
encender to burn, light, turn on
encontrar to find, encounter
enfadar to anger, irritate, annoy
enfadarse to get angry, get irratated, get annoyed
enfermar to make ill, make sick, cause illness in
enfermarse to get sick, become ill, fall ill. become sick
enflaquecer to make thin, make weak, weaken
enflaquecerse to get thin
lose weight
to grow weak
engañar to deceive, cheat, trick, swindle
enojar to anger, upset, annoy
to make angry
enojarse to get angry, get upset, lose one's temper
enriquecer to enrich, make rich
enriquecerse to get rich
enseñar to teach, instruct, train, educate
ensuciar to dirty
entender to understand
enterarse to find out (about something), to learn (of something)
entrar to enter, go in, come in
entregar to deliver, hand over
entretener to entertain, amuse
entrevistar to interview
entusiasmar to excite
to fill with excitement (or enthusiasm)
entusiasmarse to get excited, become excited (filled with excitement or enthusiasm)
envejecer to age, make old, grow old, get old
envejecerse to get old, age
enviar to send
equivocar to mistake
equivocarse to make a mistake
errar to err, make an error
escoger to choose, select, pick
esconder to hide, conceal
esconderse to hide (oneself), be hidden
escribir to write
escuchar to listen to, hear
esperar to hope
esquiar to ski
establecer to establish
estar to be
estimar to estimate
to appraise
to esteem, respect
estudiar to study
evacuar to evacuate, empty
evitar to avoid
to prevent
exhibir to exhibit, show, display
exigir to demand, require
explicar to explain
explorar to explore
to pioneer
explotar to exploit
to explode
exponer to expose
exportar to export
expresar to express, voice, state
extender to extend
extinguir to extinguish, put out