Verbs beginning with D
dar to give
deber to owe
must, should, ought to
decidir to decide, settle, resolve
decidirse to decide, make up one's mind
decir to say, tell
declarar to declare, state
to bid (in cards)
decorar to decorate, adorn
dedicar to dedicate
dedicarse to devote oneself, dedicate oneself, go in for, take up (carrer/interest in something)
defender to defend
dejar to leave, abandon
to let, allow
demostrar to demonstrate, show
depender to depend
depositar to deposit
to place
to put away, store
deprimir to depress, press down, flatten
derretir to melt, liquefy, thaw
desagradar to displease, be displeasing
desagradecer to be unthankful for, to be unappreciative of
desaparecer to disappear
desarrollar to develop, expand
to unroll, unwind
to unfold
desarrollarse to develop, evolve
to unwind
desayunar to eat breakfast, have breakfast
descansar to rest, take a rest
to support, lean (on)
descender to descend, lower
describir to describe
descubrir to discover
desear to desire, want, wish
deshacer to undo, unmake, ruin, spoil, take apart
despedir to say goodbye to, show out, dismiss
despertar to awaken
despertarse to wake up, lie down
destruir to destroy
detener to stop
to hold up, delay
to arrest, detain
detenerse to stop, pause, linger
detestar to detest, hate
devolver to return, give back
devorar to devour, eat up, gobble up
dibujar to draw, sketch, depict
dirigir to direct
diseƱar to design
disfrutar to enjoy
disgustar to displease, be displeasing
to annoy, upset
disminuir to diminish, decrease
distinguir to distinguish, discern, make out, recognize, single out
distribuir to distribute, hand out, send out, give out
divertir to amuse, entertain
divertirse to have fun, have a good time, enjoy oneself
divorciar to divorce
divorciarse to get divorced (from somebody)
doblar to double
to turn (a corner, to the right, etc.)
to fold, crease
doler to hurt, pain, ache
dormir to sleep
dormirse to go to sleep, fall asleep
duchar to douche
ducharse to take a shower, shower (oneself)
dudar to doubt
durar to last, go on, continue