Verbs beginning with C
caber to fit
caer to fall
calcular to calculate, compute, add up
calentar to heat (up), warm (up)
calentarse to heat up, warm up
callar to keep quiet about, pass over in silence
to hush
callarse to keep quiet , be quiet, shut up, be silent, remain silent
calmar to calm (down), quiet, soothe
calmarse to calm down (oneself)
caminar to walk, go
cancelar to cancel
to wipe out, write off (debt)
cansar to tire, tire out, fatigue, wear out
cansarse to get tired, get worn out, get weary
caracterizar to characterise
cargar to load, load up
to charge
casar to marry, join in marriage, join in wedlock
casarse to marry (someone), get married (to someone)
castigar to punish, penalize, castigate
causar to cause
to create, make
cazar to hunt, represent, stand for
celebrar to celebrate
to praise, applaud
cenar to eat supper, have supper
to eat dinner, have dinner
to dine
to have for supper (or dinner)
censurar to censor
to censure, criticize, blame
cepillar to brush
cerrar to close, shut
cesar to cease, stop
charlar to chat, talk
chismear to gossip
chocar to shock
to startle
to be surprising, startling
to collide, crash
civilizar to civilise
clarificar to clarify, illuminate, light (up), brighten
clasificar to classify, grade, rate, sort
cobrar to charge (a price)
to cash (a check)
to collect, receive (an amount)
cocinar to cook
to do the cooking
coger to catch, grasp, take hold of
colgar to hang, hang up, be hanging, be suspended
colocar to locate, place
colonizar to colonise, settle
combatir to combat, fight, oppose
to attack
comenzar to begin, start, commence
comer to eat
compartir to share
to divide (up)
competir to compete
componer to compose, make up, put together
comprar to buy, purchase
comprender to understand, comprehend
comunicar to communicate, transmit, tell, pass on
comunicarse to communicate (e.g. with someone), be in touch, correspond
to be transmitted
condenar to condemn, convict, sentence
conducir to drive, conduct
confesar to confess
confiar to trust, be trusting, entrust
confirmar to confirm, corroborate, endorse
confiscar to confiscate
conjugar to conjugate
conocer to know
conquistar to conquer, overcome, win
conseguir to get, obtain
consentir to consent to
to allow, permit
to tolerate, put up with
to admit
to agree, consent
conservar to preserve, conserve
to keep, retain
consistir to consist (of), be composed (of)
constituir to constitute
construir to build, construct
consumir to consume, eat, use upe
contaminar to contaminate, pollute
to corrupt
contar to count, relate, tell
contener to contain, hold
contestar to answer
continuar to continue
contribuir to contribute
controlar to control
to inspect, check
convencer to convince
convenir to agree
to suit, be suited to
to be good for
conversar to talk, converse
to tell, relate
convertir to convert
convidar to invite
copiar to copy
corregir to correct
correr to run
cortar to cut
coser to sew, sew up
to stitch, stitch up
costar to cost
crear to create
to make
crecer to grow (up)
creer to believe
criar to raise
criarse to grow (up)
to be brought up
criticar to criticize
crucificar to crucify
cruzar to cross
cubrir to cover
cuidar to take care of, look after
culpar to blame, accuse
to condemn
cultivar to cultivate
to grow
cumplir to fulfil, carry out
to reach
curar to cure
to treat, dress (a wound)