Verbs beginning with B
bailar to dance
bajar to lower, go down, descend, download
bañar to give a bath
bañarse to take a bath, bathe (oneself)
barrer to sweep, sweep clean, sweep out, sweep away
batir to beat, hammer, pound (on)
bautizar to baptize, christen
beber to drink
bendecir to bless, foretell, forecast
besar to kiss
bordar to embroider
borrar to erase, rub out, to cross out, obliterate, wipe out
brillar to shine, sparkle, glitter, gleam
brindar to toast
broncearse to get a suntan, tan
bucear to skin-dive
to dive under water
to dive
burlar to deceive, trick
to seduce
burlarse to mock, ridicule, make fun of (someone/something)
buscar to search for, look for