Verbs beginning with A
abandonar to abandon, leave behind, desert
to quit, give up
abordar to board, get on (plane, bus, etc.)
to approach, accost (a person)
abortar to abort, cause to miscarry
to have a miscarriage
abrazar to hug, embrace
abrir to open
aburrir to bore
to tire, weary
aburrirse to get bored, become bored, be bored
abusar to go too far, take advantage
acabar to finish, end
acampar to camp, encamp, go camping
aceptar to accept, approve
to agree to
acercar to bring near(er), move (something) nearer
acercarse to approach
acompañar to accompany, go with, escort
aconsejar to advise
acontecer to happen, occur, come about
acordar to decide, resolve, agree (on)
acordarse to remember
acortar to shorten
acostar to put to bed
acostarse to go to bed, lie down
acostumbrar to be accustomed to, be in the habit of
to get
acostumbrarse to get used to, get accustomed to
actuar to act, perform, actuate, operate
adivinar to guess, foretell, prophesy
to guess correctly
admirar to admire, respect, look up to
admitir to admit, accept, allow, recognize
adorar to adore, worship
adornar to adorn
to decorate, embellish
to garnish (food)
advertir to notice, observe, advise, warn
afeitar to shave
afeitarse to shave (oneself)
afirmar to make firm, steady, strengthen
to affirm, state, assert
afligir to afflict, to grieve, to pain, to distress
agorar to predict, prophesy
agradar to please, be pleasing
agradecer to be thankful for
aguantar to put up with, endure, bear, stand
ahorcar to hang
ahorrar to save
alcanzar to reach, catch, catch up to, catch up with
alegrar to make happy, cheer (up), gladden
alegrarse to be glad, happy
to become/get happy
to rejoice
alentar to encourage, cheer, inspire, bolster up
aliviar to alleviate, ease, lessen, lighthen, relieve
almorzar to lunch, eat lunch, have lunch
alquilar to rent
to rent out, let
amanecer to dawn
amar to love
amenazar to threaten, menace
añadir to add
to increase
andar to walk, go
anhelar to be eager for/to, long for/to, yearn for/to
anunciar to announce
apagar to extinguish, put out, turn off
aparecer to appear
aplaudir to applaud, cheer, clap
aplicar to apply
apostar to bet, wager
apoyar to support, hold up, prop up
to back
apreciar to appreciate, value, esteem, estimate, notice
aprender to learn
apretar to be too tight
to squeeze
to tighten (up)
to press (down/against)
aprobar to pass
arreglar to arrange, settle, fix up, repair, tidy up
arrepentirse to repent, be repentant, regret
arrojar to throw, hurl, cast, toss
asistir to attend
asociar to associate
to pool, put together
aspirar to breathe in, inhale
to suck in
to aspirate
to aspire
asustar to frighten, scare, startle
asustarse to be frightened (oneself)
atacar to attack
atender to attend to, pay attention to
atraer to attract, draw, lure
atravesar to cross, cross over, go across, go over, pass through
atreverse to dare
aumentar to increase, add to, augment
to be on the increase, rise
avanzar to advance, move forward
averiguar to find out, discover
avisar to warn, inform, notify
ayudar to help