There's an abundance of Spanish learning material so we've included what we think are some of the best websites, apps, books and YouTube channels below.

Youtube Channels


We split this section into two parts - reference and learning. The reference part deals with online dictionaries and grammar guides and the learning part gives some other useful websites that can help with your learning.



We think SpanishDict is the number one website for the majority of your Spanish needs. Not only is it a comprehensive Spanish dictionary but it also covers conjugations, grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary. The site is very nicely laid out with clear sections which you can jump around easily. There is a paid for premium section with additional content but we think the free content is the best in its class.


Study Spanish

Study Spanish is a great site for beginners to get the grips with the basics of the language. It includes a substantial free section that gives plenty of examples of the basics.


Clozemaster is a fantastic resource that allows you, among other things, to work through a list of the 20,000 most common words in the Spanish language. It's not for the faint-hearted, though, and it'll take months, if not years to master all the words. The site (and there's an accompanying app) uses the same list of sentences that we use on Love Spanish and they have completely 'gamified' the learning experience by using 'clozes' or missing word quizzes. If you sign up it will keep a record of your progress and will synchronise across the site/app.


Duolingo is claimed to be the world's largest language teacher and covers dozens of languages with Spanish being one of their most popular. The course is extremely comprehensive and takes you from absolute beginner to a very low intermediate level by the end. You are taught in small, easy to manage, steps with lessons grouped by topic such as people and history and also by tense and mood. There are dozens of short stories to work through also which are so well written and, often, hilarious or with good twists in the plots.


There are some great communites on Reddit and we've found two in particular that can help you along your way with Spanish learning. r/learnspanish and r/Spanish have almost 250,000 members between them and you can ask a question about something you've maybe read and don't understand or about how best to say something and someone will usually respond within a few minutes. The communites are made up of people from all across the world so you'll often see a few different answers that use the words appropriate for their countries.