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The Indicative Present

Quick Tips

Use it to talk about actions, events and states that are believed to be true.

Use it for things you are going to do in the very near future.

Regular -er and -ir verbs are conjugated in the same way except for nosotros/vosotros forms.

What is it?

The Indicative Present is widely used to talk about things that are happening now like I am talking, factual (or believed to be true) statements such as the man is tall and things that will be happening in the very near future I'm going to the park (in a few minutes). It can also be used for hypothetical situations, for example, when we use the word 'if' - If it doesn't rain, I'll come.

How are regular verbs conjugated?

-ar verbs
Subject Verb Conjugation
yo hablar hablo
hablar hablas
él hablar habla
nosotros hablar hablamos
vosotros hablar habláis
ellos hablar hablan

-er verbs
Subject Verb Conjugation
yo comer como
comer comes
él comer come
nosotros comer comemos
vosotros comer coméis
ellos comer comen

-ir verbs
Subject Verb Conjugation
yo vivir vivo
vivir vives
él vivir vive
nosotros vivir vivimos
vosotros vivr vivís
ellos vivir viven

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