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The Indicative Conditional

Quick Tips

Use it to talk about hypothetical situations

Use it to talk about probabilities

All regular verbs are conjugated in the same way, with the same ending (much like the Indicative Future)

What is it?

The Indicative Conditional is used to talk about things that would happen if some other condition were true. For example, 'I would buy those shoes if I had enough money'.

How are regular verbs conjugated?

-ar verbs
Subject Verb Conjugation
yo hablar hablaría
hablar hablarías
él hablar hablaría
nosotros hablar hablaríamos
vosotros hablar hablaríais
ellos hablar hablarían

-er verbs
Subject Verb Conjugation
yo comer comería
comer comerías
él comer comería
nosotros comer comeríamos
vosotros comer comeríais
ellos comer comerían

-ir verbs
Subject Verb Conjugation
yo vivir viviría
vivir vivirías
él vivir viviría
nosotros vivir viviríamos
vosotros vivir viviríais
ellos vivir vivirían

Anything else I should know?

The yo and él forms of the Conditional are the same so it's useful to use the pronoun to clarify who would be doing the action.

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