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So you want to improve your conjugations skills? Our ready-made quizzes are the perfect thing for you. Choose from one of our pre-configured quizzes or create your own by simply choosing the tenses and moods you want to include.

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Common Irregular Verbs

This quiz uses our 125 most common Irregular verbs conjugated in all tenses and moods.

Common Verbs in the Indicative

This simple quiz uses our 125 most common verbs conjugated only in the Indicative mood.

Indicative Yo

This quiz focuses on just the yo conjugations in the Indicative mood.

Simple Indicative Present

Simple Indicative Present

Common Regular Verbs

No need to worry about Irregular verbs with this quiz as it only includes Common, Regular verbs.

Indicative Imperfect and Preterite

A quiz to help fortify your knowledge of the Imperfect and Preterite

Regular Common Indicative

Using only the Indicative mood, this quiz will test your skills on Regular conjugations of all the common verbs.

Common Verbs in the Subjunctive

This simple quiz uses our 125 most common verbs conjugated only in the Subjunctive mood.

Regular Common Subjunctive

Master the Subjunctive with this quiz.

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