The information provided on this website is for entertainment purposes only and the accuracy of any part of it cannot be guaranteed.

All verb and conjugation data is generated automatically from the following data set:

Example sentences and translation data is taken from the following data sets:

An Important Note About Él, Nosotros, Vosotros and Ellos

For the sake of simplicity (and screen space) we have opted to only show the words 'él', 'nosotros', 'vosotros' and 'ellos' whenever we need to show the person/subject. It should absolutely be assumed that whenever we display these words we mean 'él and ella', 'nosotros and nosotras', 'vosotros and vosotras' and 'ellos and ellas' except in cases where associated words have the matching gender and would be incorrect. In the latter cases we will always use the correct person form.

We intend no favouritism over the masculine forms and do not wish to cause any offence to anyone here. We put a great deal of thought into the decision we have taken and, as the majority of users are on mobiles, screen real estate is at a premium and this is our way to make things look a bit cleaner. We hope you understand. ♥

Verb List

The verb list contains the majority of the most commonly used verbs complete with conjugations (again, most common) for each. When looking up a verb you will initially see the Indicative conjugations. Please use the six buttons above the conjugations to view other modes/tenses e.g. Continuous, Subjunctive etc.

We have generated appropriate English translations for every conjugation for every verb. 99% of these were done via a set of scripts we wrote. We checked as many as we could during the translation process but cannot promise that they are free of errors. In some cases we will have used an English word or translation that isn't the best when compared to the example sentences. If you spot an error, please let us know and we'll correct it straight away. Where there is more than one English translation for a Spanish verb we have used the most common meaning for the translation - this can be substituted for any other appropriate meaning.

Verb Search

You can search for any Spanish or English verb on the verb search page. If searching for a Spanish verb, please use the infinitive form e.g. 'hablar', 'comer', 'vivir'. If search in English you can omit the 'to' part of the verb e.g. search for 'walk' instead of 'to walk'.

Example Sentences

The full list of 124,500+ sentences in Spanish with English translations is completely searchable by any Spanish or English word (not just verbs). Searches on the sentences page are case-insensitive but you must use accents e.g. 'habló' not 'hablo' to differentiate.

The example sentences shown (especially in the pop-up examples box on the verb conjugation page) will, in some cases, be incorrect due to the same word having multiple meanings. Over time we will attempt to clean up the list but this is a large task that will involve manually checking each of the 124,000+ sentences.

We have extracted all the unique words from the example sentences and counted the number of occurrences for each. We are manually adding to the translations daily now that we have completed all the automated matching processes.


We used the available Spanish-English data on OmegaWiki to automatically pull in as many translations as possible. It provided us with a good starting point but it was by no means perfect and we have discovered and removed hundreds of errors and mistranslations. There are still many, many errors that we are currently working through.

As of 25-05-2022 we have 16,186 translations completed out of a total of 25,287 unique Spanish words extracted from the example sentences. These figures will be updated each time a new translation is added.

We have in place a quick and easy way of editing and adding new manual translations and hope to increase the number over the coming weeks and months. If you notice any mistakes we would urge you to contact us to let us know or, if you have an account, you can log in and submit a suggested translation from the 'Words' pages by using the icon.

Context Learning

Memorising words is so much easier when you have context which is the whole point of this website. It provides all the words you'll ever need to get by in Spanish, all in sentences that, although sometimes appear a little wacky and pointless, allow you to get a better feel for each word and to see how it's used. We hope you enjoy using this website as much as we've enjoyed putting it together.