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There are so many resources out there for learning Spanish but we couldn't find everything we wanted all in the one place so we created Love Spanish to solve that problem.

We wanted easy-to-use, accurate content but we didn't want to spend months collating information from different places so we used our programming knowledge and a bunch of open source data sets to automate a lot of the processes and the end result is this website!

We have a list of most commonly used verbs with their most commonly used conjugations, over one hundred thousand example sentences in Spanish and English, quizzes and a whole lot more so you can dive straight in and, while you're moving around the site, jump to translations, conjugations or grammar rules.

Verb Conjugation

It'll send shivers down your spine but you need to learn them! Get a head start here with our list of most common verbs and conjugations.

Guide to Tenses & Moods
Tenses & Moods

Don't know your Subjunctive Present from your Indicative Present? We've got you covered with our guide to all Spanish tenses and moods.


Improve your Spanish by playing our unique quizzes that are automatically generated each time you play so no two are ever the same.

124,500+ Example Sentences
Real Sentences

We've pulled in over 124,000 sentences in Spanish with English translations. They're fully searchable too, you're not limited to looking up verbs!

Verb Search
Verb Search

Search for verbs in Spanish or English and then link straight to the verb conjugation pages. Tip: When searching on the English versions don't include the 'to'.

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